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P. Diddy, Amongst Other Subjects

If you don't already know, I took a leave from law school a few months ago. You can read about that later. Since then, I've not been doing much of anything in particular. I applied for a few jobs back when no one was hiring people of my caliber; and when I didn't succeed, I decided to enroll in some summer classes back home and see if that would lead to something. Since that decision, I've been biding my time.

My weeks generally are spent doing whatsoever it is that my heart desires. I still have a chunk of change leftover from my summer job, thankfully. About a month ago, I went to an open casting call to become a cast member of a P. Diddy-produced/-starring reality tv show, "I Want to Be Diddy's Assistant 2."* It was completely spur-of-the-moment, and I don't have anything to lose at this point. I stood in line, and we were let into the building in groups of 10-13 potential contestants, where we sat on a couch and introduced ourselves to a casting director.

After introductions, the casting director asked if anyone thought that someone else on the panel shouldn't be invited back for a second interview. Before I could even think about the people around me, some young woman decided to be an epic bitch and single me out as the one person in our audition group who didn't deserve to be there or invited for a second round. Somehow, based on my 15-second self-description, she'd decided that I didn't have the tenacity, the drive, or the determination to succeed as Puff Daddy's assistant. Before I could get a word in to defend myself, everyone in our group rushed to my defense, shouted my praises (again, based on a 15-second story about me), and made her feel uncomfortable. Even the casting director told her to back off and not underestimate me, and that he saw my application and thought I was a wolf in sheep's clothing. I just sat there and took it all in. Not surprisingly, she was invited for a call back--and so was I. We were the only ones from that group.

I went back for my second interview. The guy interviewing me really liked me and put lots of positive remarks on my application. Not only did I have the temerity to be "a natural" in front of the camera, but also came across as incredibly friendly, personable, down to earth, well spoken, and intelligent. I was well qualified and had the nerve to have a personality to boot. At the end of the interview, the interviewer told me that he thought it was obvious that I was a strong candidate and would be a real asset to the show. I took that pretty well, and I made sure to give him my law school admissions essay about my wholesome, non-sexual love for Justin Timberlake, while also very pointedly reminding him that I got into a top-5 law school and did really well there in the process and that the essay proved I had a real sense of humor about things while still being able to get things done. (Though, after having attended law school for a little while, I realize the essay isn't that great--but it's not like he'll know that.) I'm pretty perfect for this, and I had very high hopes that they'd select me. I'm meant to find out this week, I believe, but I haven't heard anything yet. Here's to hoping.

*I don't know what happened to the first two he hired last season. I assume they're still there.

In other news, I’m still as awesome as ever, except maybe even more so now.
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