ADEG (agis2kute) wrote,

"The wisest of all knows that he knows nothing at all," or something like that.

I have recently come to the realization that I am not, nor have I ever been, as intelligent as I thought myself to be. In reality, for all these years I have been "gaming the system," as they say. It is not a situation wherein my success has come from "whom I know" rather than "what I know." Instead, I have been getting by on my cleverness, my wit, and my personality.

I am not "special"; I am not "a shining star"; I am not particularly unique.
I simply "am."

Much like my own experience, practicing Tax law is about gaming the system. It is about taking what little has been given us and using it to our advantage. It is about making a steel drum from an otherwise less valuable piece of scrap metal. It is about making a helluva lot more from a helluva lot less. My life experience + the Internal Revenue Code = a Tax attorney's practice.

I think I have found my calling.
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